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  • Nichole Kenner

Four Ways to Include Family in your Elopement

So you've made the big decision to have a smaller wedding and while it's extremely exciting to know that Yes! you and your partner are getting married, there are still so many things left to decide on.

What kind of flowers should you get, real or silk? Should you splurge on the menu and hire the chef you really love or go way low key and do an upgraded potluck? Should you rock a short dress or the fun Bridal Jumpsuit you've had your eye on?

One big issue many brides face is that with a much smaller guest list, either just the two of you and your officiant, or a handful of your best friends; and with families all around the globe, many couples' loved ones may have to Zoom into the ceremony.

Here’s 4 ways to honor your loved ones at your elopement:

1) Wear Symbolic Pieces

For example, pair your wedding day look with your mothers veil or your grandmother's necklace. Adding in these sentimental pieces to your bridal outfit will keep them near to you even when they are far. Have a pro carefully clean and steam your vintage veil; have a jeweler shine up your vintage gems.

2) Include them in Moments

Consider having a small engagement dinner or bridal shower. Allow them to celebrate your union on a smaller scale. Even if you want to exchange "I do's" in private, plan a slightly bigger bash at your favorite restaurant, cafe or a friend's home. Ask your besties to help decorate and involve them in the planning process or let them take the lead.

3) Send out Announcement Cards

Invest in good photography and send out "We Eloped" cards. These keepsakes help loved ones share in your joy and feel included. Since your photos will last a lifetime, don't skimp on hiring a pro. Have fun and take images that will be memorable. Try a "Trash The Dress" shoot and get pics your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

4) Share a bite or a sip even from far away

Link up with a local caterer or bakery and send cookies and bubbly to your far away guests. Or buy several gift cards to Uber, Grubhub or DoorDash and have your friends and family order something yummy and share pics in a private Facebook room dedicated to your wedding. Everyone will be oohing and aching over the delicious choices from all over (and not complaining because they could only choose chicken or fish).

An Elopement wedding can be just as beautiful and love filled when you include your friends and family in the festivities. You and your partner will enjoy memory filled moments with those closest to you even if they can't be physically with you on your wedding day.

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